Friday, January 8, 2010

Almost there

I head out in a few days for a new adventure with my friend Helen Weld. We are traveling to Burundi (Central East Africa) to work at the Village Health Works clinic in Kigutu. Burundi is one of the poorest nations in the world and is slowly recovering from devastating internal conflict, similar to that which happened in Rwanda. Burundi failed to receive the world's attention, (and aid) until now. Recently the Pulitzer Prize winning author Tracy Kidder wrote a New York Times best seller, Strength in What Remains about the amazing man Deo, who left Burundi during that time of conflict and against all odds came to the US. became an American citizen, is becoming a medical doctor and returned to Burundi to start the village clinic and help start the heath care system and the nation of Burundi on the road to recovery. I feel very honored that I have this opportunity to go for a month, and volunteer at this clinic. Helen is a public heath nurse and recently spent 6 weeks there in Sept-October '09 and it is mainly because of her that I am going. We met 13 years ago, in Yungaburra, Australia (where she still lives with her family) when I lived for a year with my family, became good friends, and have remained in contact ever since and I am thrilled that we will be working together.
Helen will be returning for 4 1/2 months.

I am packed....taking two 50 lb rolling (thank God) duffels, both full of items....water filters, 50 hand crank flashlights, a solar *hot pot* cooker, aluminum foil, diaper rash medicine, baby clothes, fleece blankets, wash cloths......for the clinic.
I will do my best to share this experience. I am not sure just how much reliable Internet access I will have, but I will post when I can.
Until next time.....when I am hopefully*on the ground* in Central Africa.


  1. Yippee, Connie!Very happy that we are finally able to fulfill this dream of working together.
    I am very excited to see you and catch up after 13 years.
    Safe travels and see you in Brussels.

  2. Bon Voyage! Safe travels and good health. I'm excited for you - Val

  3. Connie - we are so proud of you. Happy and safe travels. We are looking forward to hearing all about your experience. If you need anything while you are gone, you know you can call on us.
    Maureen and Rob